Our Story

In late 2010, the mother and daughter team of Myra Martin and Leigh Wienert acquired the Pouty Princess.  Both women wanted a business that allowed them a certain amount of flexibility but they also wanted to do something they felt was “worthwhile”, and in today’s economy that worthwhile thing was to help other moms save money and make money.

These women, along with Leigh’s husband, Derek, and his mom, Janis, had run a consignment shop on Pensacola’s west side until early 2010.  Myra’s family for years ran a clothing store in Mobile,  The JEM Shop, that was open from the end of World War II until the 1980’s when ill health caused her aunts to close.  Myra started working there when she was old enough to wrap gifts and continued to work there until she moved to Pensacola in 1978.  Leigh has had extensive retail experience and is the mother of five, which means she has to be thrifty and well organized!

With the overwhelming success of the seasonal sales, we decided to open as a permanent store in May 2013 on Navy Blvd, but in February 2015 we expanded to out current location on New Warrington Rd, due to the overwhelming response from the community.  Both Myra and Leigh pride themselves in operating in a friendly, professional manner and at a clean facility.  Please visit the other areas of our website to find out how to become a consignor and what we will sell.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Myra and Leigh

Tots, Teens and in-be-Tweens ———— YOUR consignment boutique!